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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The "Oops" Heard Round the World

Rick Perry is pretty much toast, folks. Remember how he lost so much support due to his poor showing in the early debates? Remember how he gave neutral Republicans a bad first impression, and really needed to step it up in the future debates if he was to have a shot? Well, this is what happened last night.

Yes, that did just happen. It is hilarious, but it's pretty much the end for Rick Perry. How can people take him seriously? He had to ask Ron Paul what the 3rd department HE had pledged to cut was! Politicians who forget their campaign promises years after the fact are one thing, but people who forget their campaign promises while they're making them? One gets the sense that were Perry to become President, he'd be even more gaffe prone than Bush was, and another bumbling Texas dufus is the last thing the Republican Party needs now.

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