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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Romney announces VP contender

When pressed by Reporters, Romney announced that he has a list of about 15 names that he's considering for as his VP selection, and that one of them was New Hampshire Senatore Kelly Ayotte. Ayotte seems to have a strong emphasis on fiscal conservatism, rather than social conservatism (she doesn't even include the social issues on her website's list of "issues", which can be found here). This is surely by design, because Romney's got the social conservatism covered and is really trying to shore up his image among the Tea Party faction.

Also, with Palin in 08 and now Ayotte in 2012, I think Republicans may be making a concerted effort to get a woman on the ballot. 50 years from now, everyone will look back and remember Barack Obama, a Democrat, as the first African American president. If Republicans seek to shed the "rich white male" label, they know they must start nominating people who aren't rich white males! Pretty much anyone who can launch a political campaign has to be rich nowadays, so that leaves two variables left. Herman Cain is one example, and perhaps Ayotte will be a second.

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